Princessa Eclessia Aurilatia from our G12

Celebrating Achievements and Academic Excellence at Ichthus School

Our commitment to fostering academic brilliance and continuous growth is evident in the recent triumphs within the Cambridge curriculum at Ichthus School, a leading example among international schools in Jakarta. Our approach, blending global standards with local insights, not only sets us apart but also prepares our students for a world beyond our borders.

Faculty Success: Cambridge Professional Training

Celebrations abound as two of our newest faculty members have achieved their Certificate of Completion in the Cambridge Professional Introductory Training for IGCSE Literature in English and Global Perspective. This achievement is a testament to our standing as a top-tier international school in Jakarta, where our ongoing dedication to empowering our educators ensures confident content delivery, guaranteeing the highest quality education for our students.

Proud Achievement: Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards

Princessa Eclessia AurilatiaA momentous announcement fills us with immense pride as Princessa Eclessia Aurilatia from our G12 cohort receives the Highest Achievement in Cambridge International AS & A Level Literature in English across Indonesia. This honour, distinguishing Ichthus School in the realm of international schools in Jakarta, celebrates exceptional academic performance in the June 2023 series, a testament to Latya’s outstanding accomplishment under the guidance of Mr. Andrew Wood. The upcoming awards ceremony on February 28, 2024, will witness Latya collecting her well-deserved certificate, inspiring all our learners to reach for greatness in their educational pursuits.

Important Dates: Cambridge Examinations May & June 2024

Mark your calendars for the Cambridge Examination Entry Registration, a significant date for all participating international schools in Jakarta:

  • Cambridge Primary and Lower Secondary Checkpoint: 9 January 2024
  • Cambridge IGCSE, AS & A Level: 10 January 2024

November 2023 exam results release:

  • Cambridge AS & A Level: 10 January 2024
  • Cambridge IGCSE: 18 January 2024

At Ichthus School, these achievements mark milestones in our commitment to nurturing excellence within the landscape of international education in Jakarta. May these successes continue to inspire and guide our students toward a future brimming with success and accomplishment.

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