Christmas Highlight

Joy to the world, because Christmas is here! We praise the Lord for His blessings upon us. It hasn’t been long since the last time Ichthus School West Campus, a shining example among international schools in Jakarta, had its Christmas Concert, but this year, we’re blessed to be able to perform our Christmas Broadway performance in the new auditorium!

The school delighted in three amazing performances, demonstrating the global caliber of talent typical of international schools in Jakarta:

  1. Santa’s Stuck in the 50’s by Grade 1, Grade 3, and Grade 5
  2. Pirates! The Musical by Grade 2, Grade 4, and Grade 6
  3. Grease The Musical by Secondary School

Our students, teachers, and even parents gave their best effort and support, showing us the joy of performing arts once more. Behold the festivities of our 2023 Christmas Broadway, a celebration that not only highlights the season’s spirit but also showcases the diverse, international community that thrives at Ichthus School West Campus. This event reflects the unique blend of local and global cultures that international schools in Jakarta are known for, bringing together a myriad of perspectives and talents under one roof.

In the heart of Jakarta, Ichthus School West Campus stands as a beacon of educational excellence and cultural diversity, embodying the vibrant spirit of international schools in the city. As the curtains closed on this year’s performance, we were reminded once again of the wonderful tapestry of cultures and communities that make our school truly international. Merry Christmas!

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