Our Promise @Ichthus Schools

Ichthus Schools prepares students to strive for excellence in a global society and to glorify God through their daily walk.

Ichthus Schools was established in 2001. 20 years ago (during this writing), when the founding director, Mrs SeeMun Suparno prayed earnestly in search of a school for her son, she was inspired by a vision to start a school, with the objective to teach students the way of the the Lord. The founding partners envisioned a school unlike others with the vision to transform the lives of every single student, to become the best version of who they can be, to find their God given talent and to use it to serve others. And thus the vision,

"So that whoever comes to have a Transformed life"

Ichthus School Vision

“We believe that all students grow and develop in their individual ways and that as educators it is our privilege to impart knowledge, biblical values and ability to discern right from wrong in leadership, in action and in communication. In addition as educators, it is our duty to prepare students to live a Christian life in a global society.”

Ichthus School Mission

Personal transformation happens through developing a relationship with Christ. In a safe and conducive environment for student’s growth, we help your children discover and nurture their God-given talents, through strong academics anchored on Biblical foundations. Our teachers, strong in their faith, qualified and passionate, will willingly go the extra mile for our students.

The meaning of Ichthus

The name chosen for the school is a word received from God as experienced by our Director. ICHTHUS means “fish” in Greek, and the acronym stands for: 


(Greek I)
Stands for


(Greek X – XHI)
Stands for


(Greek Ø)
Stands for


(Greek Upsilon)
Stands for


(Greek Σ-SIGMA)
Stands for

“And He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Matthew 4:19

The School Logo

The logo of ICHTHUS is God inspired. Each character in ICHTHUS is inscribed in the logo. The palm leaves in a crossed bundle is symbolic of  Christ’s disciples and the palm leaves used on Palm Sunday to welcome and celebrate Jesus’s entrance to Jerusalem. There are twelve leaves on each palm representing the twelve apostles. The four colours have their individual significance as explained below :

Our Goals

Expounding on the learning objectives and the values from the framework earlier, the following goals are intentionally factored in the planning and design of our lesson plan, activity or event so that we can see tangible outcomes

Our Accreditation & Partnerships

We consistently strive and continuous improvement to the quality of our education. Testimony to that claim is our recognition and accreditation by a wide range of educational accreditation bodies. Being accredited to these organizations allows us to receive training, review best practices and collaborate with institutions around the world.

Western Association of Schools and Colleges ("WASC")

Ichthus Schools primary and secondary is fully accredited by WASC.  The accreditation process examines the various facets of the school with emphasis on the quality of the academics and teaching programs to sustainable best practices of institutions. 

We are proud to receive this accreditation, testament to the high quality and standards of our education program.

Association of Christian School International (“ACSI”)

Ichthus is proud to have achieved ACSI Accreditation in 2015, having worked hard to build a school of academic and spiritual excellence. 

Cambridge Examination Center

The 2 campuses of Ichthus Schools are registered as Cambridge Examination Centers allowing our students and external independent candidates to register and sit for Cambridge administered examinations especially during the November and June series. 

Badan Akreditasi Nasional (“BAN”)

We are accredited by BAN, the National Accreditation Body of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia. 

This accreditation is awarded to international schools that have met the government criteria in the fulfillment to offer accredited international curriculum to students in Indonesia.


Sister Schools

Ichthus has established a network of sister schools who shares similar values with us with a close fit to our school values and curriculum. We exchange knowledge, experience and support the local programs of these schools for their oversea initiatives. in Indonesia. Students can apply for study exchange initiatives and in the event the student have to migrate to other countries, Ichthus will be able to refer the students to these colleges to ease the admissions process.

Partner Universities

Currently Ichthus has a dual credit program with Cairn University, USA where students studying in Ichthus high school can transfer their credits for the business program in Cairn University.

Our Partner
Our Sister School
HCCS Australia
Pacific Hills Christian School Australia
Global Vision Christian School South Korea
Cairn University USA