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University Readiness: How Ichthus School Prepares Students for Higher Education

Ichthus School, recognized and accredited by various educational institutions, has set high standards in preparing its students for higher education. The university preparation program at Ichthus is a mandatory part of the curriculum, offering a systematic approach to exploring undergraduate studies at universities. Experienced counselors at Ichthus build a knowledge base and network to assist students in their preparations, from personal statements and interview training to deciding on majors.

The Ichthus curriculum is designed to meet the needs of 21st-century students, offering a wide range of subjects in technology, business, humanities, and science. The school prepares its students for the Cambridge Advanced Level Exams (A Levels), consistently achieving above-average world results in all subject areas. Ichthus alumni have also been successfully accepted into top universities worldwide. Subject choices at Ichthus encompass a range of fields, including languages, mathematics, science and technology, and humanities, enabling students to gain admission to nearly any university major.

Accreditations and partnerships highlight Ichthus’ commitment to educational quality. The school is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), emphasizing academic quality and teaching programs. This accreditation is proof of the high standard of Ichthus’ educational programs.

Ichthus also achieved accreditation from the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) in 2015, marking the school’s academic and spiritual excellence. Both Ichthus campuses are registered Cambridge Examination Centers, allowing students and other independent candidates to register and take exams hosted by Cambridge. This status is crucial in preparing students for high and international educational standards.

Ichthus is also accredited by Indonesia’s National Accreditation Board (BAN) of the Ministry of Education and Culture, recognizing the international curriculum they offer. Additionally, Ichthus has a dual credit program with Cairn University, USA, where Ichthus high school students can transfer their credits to the university’s business program. Partnerships like these open opportunities for students to pursue their education abroad and gain valuable international experience.

With this comprehensive approach, Ichthus not only prepares its students with solid academic knowledge and skills but also provides the guidance and support necessary to succeed in university enrollment and higher studies. The program ensures that students have all the tools needed not just to be accepted at top universities, but also to excel once there. Beyond the core curriculum, Ichthus also emphasizes the importance of soft skills crucial for success at university and in the workplace. These include teamwork, leadership, effective communication, and critical thinking skills. Through extracurricular activities, group projects, and leadership initiatives, students at Ichthus are given the opportunity to develop these skills in a supportive environment.

Furthermore, Ichthus provides a challenging yet supportive environment, where students are encouraged to take intellectual risks and pursue their academic interests with curiosity and passion. This fosters independent learning and adaptability – skills that are vital at university and beyond.

Ichthus’ approach to preparing students for university also involves the parent and alumni community. Through a strong alumni network, current students benefit from the experiences and insights of those who have gone through the university admission process and have succeeded in their respective fields. This provides valuable role models and helps shape a professional and academic network that will benefit students for years to come.

Ichthus proactively strives to maintain high educational standards while continuously innovating and adapting to changing educational needs. Through hard work, dedication, and a commitment to excellence, Ichthus successfully creates a generation of young leaders who are not only academically successful but also equipped with the skills and values needed to make a positive difference in the world.

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