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Our Promise @Ichthus Schools

Ichthus Schools prepares students to strive for excellence in a global society and to glorify God through their daily walk.

"For whoever comes to have a Transformed life"

Here’s How We Do That 

Personal transformation happens through developing a relationship with Christ. In a safe and conducive environment for student’s growth, we help your children discover and nurture their God-given talents, through strong academics anchored on Biblical foundations. Our teachers, strong in their faith, qualified and passionate, will willingly go the extra mile for our students.

Mrs. Maria Liza Ginting

On why Ichthus was the only school of choice for her 3 children from primary to high school

Hear What Our Parents Say On that Promise…. 

Mrs. Maria Liza Ginting

On why Ichthus was the only school of choice for her 3 children from primary to high school

Ibu. Ellen

Finding a school that can keep her teenage son challenged yet grounded was key to what Ibu Ellen was looking for. A humble young man, her son went on to represent Ichthus in international debates in numerous countries. 

Ibu Akiko San & Ibu Masami San

Knowing very little English at the start, learn how Ichthus School helped their children master English well.

Audrey Febrina

Hong Kong University & Cambridge Reach Summer Program Scholarship Recipient.

Audrey recounts why she took on English Literature after being encouraged by her teacher and to eventually become the Cambridge Excellence Award achiever.  

Now Let’s Hear It from Our Alumni & Students . . .

Audrey Febrina

Full Scholarship to study in Hong Kong University Industrial Engineering program & Cambridge Summer Program scholarship recipient , Audrey looks back why moving to Ichthus School was her best decision. 

Audrey recounts why she took up A levels English Literature despite her preference for the sciences. She eventually bagged the Cambridge Excellence Award for AS Level English Literature


Brand Designer, Lime Scooters, USA

"Ichthus years was some of the best years of my life. ."

An intelligent girl, Valerie has always thrived in drawing and painting. Give her a piece of paper and pencil, she will be drawing.  Her teachers encouraged her on, nurturing her unique talent. Fast forward to today, Valerie is now working as a brand designer in Lime Scooters, USA.

Carrisa Setiawan

i3L Young Scientist Champion representing Indonesia to Germany

Carrisa, recounts how Ichthus teachers recognized her talents and encouraged her to take up the study of sciences to diversity her skills while she was determined to be an entrepreneur and business woman.

"It's heartwarming after all these years, so many of our students will still come by to say Hi and remember us as teachers and friends."

Excellence Happens When Lives Are Transformed.

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"No Harm in Trying..."
The phrase that spurred 2 time scholarship recipient Audrey to go the extra mile

During the interview with Audrey, she mentioned this phrase a few times, "No harm in trying...."

The only Reach Cambridge Summer Program recipient from Indonesia that year to obtain a fully paid scholarship to pursue the course, Audrey was initially hesitant to apply  when Ichthus shared the program with the students.  She had to save up for university.  Ms Martha, kepala sekolah, encouraged her and said "No harm in trying for the scholarship, what is there to lose?". That advise resonated with Audrey. With strong recommendation letters from the school and rounds of screening and interviews  later, Audrey obtained a full scholarship and had an unforgettable experience in Cambridge that summer. 

Deja Vu all over, Mr Andy, English teacher knowing what Audrey is capable of despite her preference for the sciences, said to her,  "Take up English Literature Audrey, no harm in trying, you will be surprised",  A year later, Audrey was pleasantly surprised to receive the Cambridge Excellence Award for English Literature scoring the highest marks for the subject in Indonesia. 

Audrey went on to receive  a full scholarship for her undergraduate studies in  Engineering in University of Hong Kong. 


Ichthus Schools started from an inspiration received from the founder in her prayers, a promise to prepare students to glorify God in their daily walk and embrace excellence in a global society. More than 20 years ago, the earnest prayer to look for the right school for her child, our founding director, Mrs SeeMun Suparno, a loving mother, a passionate educator received an inspiration more