Ichthus Scholarship for a Transformed Life

Be an Ichthus Scholar. Join the many cohorts of current and past scholars who have made positive impact to our school and society at large. Join in the many leadership programs and academic events in Ichthus and most importantly to do the work that God has planned out for you.

Ichthus Schools was founded on a mission from God to educate and transform the lives of students to be servant leaders and ministers to the world through their day-to-day work regardless of their profession or capacity. As they are blessed, in turn, may they be a blessing for many to using their talents to serve with their foundation rooted firmly in Christ.

As part of giving back to Indonesia, Ichthus Schools provide scholarships for study in the secondary school.

  • Scholarships range from 25-100% of tuition fee and enrolment fee

  • Limited number of scholarships are awarded yearly

  • Criteria of award is based on a combination of academic and non-academic participation and achievements subject to the final assessment and decision of awarding committee

  • The scholarship award is also subject to number of applicants applying and quality of the applicants each year.


Please submit your details here and our admissions officer will get in touch with you.


  1. A Results of all external academic tests and report card for results of the last 3 academic years.

  2. List of awards received.

  3. List of academic and non-academic activities that students are involved in outside of school hours.

  4. Applicant’s video for scholarship application. This video must include:

    • Self Introduction

    • Why am I applying to Ichthus School?

    • Why am I deserving of this scholarship?

    • What are my hobbies?

    • What is my passion?