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International Christian School in Jakarta – Ichthus

The choices you make for your child’s education will not only impact their academic development but also play a crucial role in shaping their spiritual foundation. Recognizing this, international Christian schools emerge as an optimal choice for children’s education. These schools not only take responsibility for intellectual growth but also strive to bring children closer to God. To delve further into the understanding of this international Christian school, here’s a brief overview.

The multicultural school environment and technology-based classrooms provide students with opportunities to learn and grow alongside peers from various countries and cultures. The school boasts comprehensive facilities such as science laboratories, computer centers, and adequate sports facilities, enabling students to maximize their potential.

What is an International Christian School?

In essence, such schools, with an international curriculum, earnestly undertake the task of developing children’s minds without separating God from the academic system. They comprehend that nurturing children’s skills is crucial in helping them realize the potential bestowed upon them by God.

Furthermore, the International Christian School in Jakarta offers diverse extracurricular programs, providing students with opportunities to cultivate their talents and interests. Religious programs are also available, including communal prayer activities, Bible classes, and Christian-related community service.

The school in Jakarta offers an up-to-date and globally recognized international curriculum, including the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Cambridge International. However, this curriculum is seamlessly integrated with Christian values to ensure that students not only receive a quality international education but also one rooted in strong Christian faith and character.

Distinguishing Between Regular and International Christian Schools

Many have heard statements like these, but what does it mean to have a Christian education and attend a Christian school? Is the education different? The answer is that whatever is learned, all knowledge is framed within spiritual elements.

  • Christian education encourages children to see and understand the world through the lens of God’s truth. The Bible becomes the lens through which students view what they learn.
  • However, Christian education is not just about the Christian understanding. It’s also about the way of life of Christians. Christian education informs, invites, and inspires children to live in this way. Schools offering Christian education strive to teach this way of life every day through everything they do and teach. This is done in a community of love and integrated learning among parents, children, and teachers.
  • Christian education involves not only educators but also parents. Parents are invited to have the primary responsibility for educating their children to know and live the Christian way. The Christian school community is a partnership between parents and the school sharing this vision.

Additionally, with the international curriculum of this Jakarta international school, there are several distinctions, such as

  • Children are encouraged to think openly and globally, fostering self-directed learning.
  • Children are motivated to actively participate in educational programs that can guide them toward top-ranked universities worldwide.
  • Children are shaped to be more culturally aware through the development of a second language.
  • Children are assisted in engaging with people worldwide.

As a result, students attending an international school generally possess strong academic, social, emotional, and spiritual characteristics. They also tend to achieve well academically.

By providing quality education grounded in Christian values, the International Christian School in Jakarta is committed to shaping a generation with strong character, morals, and an impact on the world. If you are looking for a school that offers holistic education with a Christian foundation in Jakarta, the International Christian School could be the right choice.

International Christian School in Jakarta

As the capital and largest city in Indonesia, Jakarta boasts comprehensive facilities and amenities, including a plethora of schools, both national and international. However, the abundance of options can often leave parents perplexed when selecting the right school for their children.

Enter Ichthus School, a distinguished Christian educational institution that offers a distinctive approach to child education. Ichthus School is a leading Christian institution providing comprehensive education encompassing a robust curriculum and the holistic development of social, character, and spiritual aspects. Academically, Ichthus School prepares students for the IGCSE certification. The school operates from two campuses: Ichthus School, Jakarta – South, located in Pondok Indah, South Jakarta, and Ichthus School, Jakarta – West, situated in Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta. Ichthus School caters to students from elementary to pre-university levels (A Level).

Our International Christian School also offers modern and complete facilities, including science laboratories, computer centers, libraries, and sports facilities. We also provide diverse extracurricular programs, such as sports clubs, art clubs, and student organizations, offering students opportunities to nurture their talents and interests.

In all our endeavors, our aim is to provide the best education to our students, preparing them to face global challenges and make a positive impact on the world. We believe that by shaping strong character and faith, our students will become future leaders with integrity and a commitment to serve with love and wisdom.

sekolah kristen internasional

In conclusion, the International Christian School in Jakarta offers high-quality education and a multicultural environment that supports the development of students’ skills and interests. While additional costs may be a consideration, the investment in international education can yield long-term benefits for students. Jakarta’s international schools provide a unique educational environment, preparing students to communicate and collaborate with people from various cultures and backgrounds. If you are considering enrolling your child in an international school, be sure to consider costs, admission requirements, and the quality of education before making a final decision.

Established in 2001, Ichthus School is widely regarded as one of the leading international schools in Jakarta. The school is trusted for delivering quality education and preparing students to uphold high moral and spiritual values as the foundation for greater pursuits in their lives. Proudly, Ichthus School has obtained international accreditation from ACSI and WASC, reflecting their commitment to providing high-quality and comprehensive education for their students.

FAQ About Ichthus School

Who are we?

Ichthus Schools was established in 2001. 20 years ago (during this writing), when the founding director, Mrs SeeMun Suparno prayed earnestly in search of a school for her son, she was inspired by a vision to start a school, with the objective to teach students the way of the the Lord. The founding partners envisioned a school unlike others with the vision to transform the lives of every single student, to become the best version of who they can be, to find their God given talent and to use it to serve others. And thus the vision,

What is the education program like in Ichthus?

In a safe and conducive environment for students’ growth, we help your children discover and nurture their God-given talents, through strong academics anchored on Biblical foundations. Our teachers, strong in their faith, qualified and passionate, will willingly go the extra mile for our students.


Where is Ichthus located?
1.) West Campus

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