Arianna Callista Endrotomo

Arianna Callista Endrotomo: Student Literacy Corner

My story of giving, which resonates deeply with the ethos of our international school in Jakarta, may have happened a few months back, but Christmas reminds me that love and sharing knows no time or season.

The weeks leading up to Saturday, 16th September were the most chaotic the Student Council at our international school probably would ever have to face while in office. In the course of a month or so, we planned a talent show and a karaoke contest – both drawing on the diverse talents and cultures present in our school. No one could have ever imagined the amount of work needed to plan a simple contest, but with the help of teachers, parents, and the international community, we were able to do it.

Saturday, 16th September was our Charity Bazaar, a tradition in many international schools in Jakarta, including ours. I was astonished at how much money we earned in total, and this money was donated to Yayasan Pita Kuning, a charity which helped children under 18 who had cancer.

It was on Monday, 16th October when we officially donated the money to Yayasan Pita Kuning. As students of an international school in Jakarta, we were proud to represent our diverse community in such a meaningful way. We went to donate the money in the morning and while we were there, we saw photos of all the kids whom they’ve helped. It really made us humble and aware of the broader world beyond our school walls. Sadly, most of the kids whom they’ve helped have passed away, but there was one kid who is 18 years old now and he plays wheelchair tennis. His story was an inspiration to us all, proving that in this world, if you help, there is definitely at least one person whose life could change for the better – and that is more than enough.

Some of us, representing our international school in Jakarta, got interviewed at the end, including me, for their newsletter. At the end of the interview, the interviewer shared profound words that left a lasting impact: ‘Always remember that kids with cancer don’t want to be seen as sick children.’ Those simple words can leave a lasting impact on everyone. As people say, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Those children have a bright future ahead if they can be healed and go to school properly. As I left, I made up my mind to keep them in my prayers and continue contributing to such causes through our school’s initiatives. I hope you will join me in praying for them and in helping anyone in need. Small acts of kindness, especially in the international school community of Jakarta, can go a long way.

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