Sekolah Internasional di Jakarta Barat

International Schools in West Jakarta

Sekolah International di Jakarta Barat

Currently, many parents are seeking tips on choosing an international school in West Jakarta. As we know, international schools are now widespread in Jakarta, including West Jakarta.

We have a unique and innovative curriculum that combines Christian values and a globally recognized national curriculum. This curriculum is designed to enable our students to develop their potential in all aspects, both academically and in character. Additionally, we also pay special attention to building social and emotional skills, as well as creativity.

Each school stands by offering its own curriculum, facilities, and advantages. This makes some parents confused about determining which is the best for their child. However, with the tips below, you won’t be confused anymore.

5 Tips for Choosing an International School in West Jakarta

Here are some tips that can help you choose an international school in West Jakarta.

  1. Learning Program

Make sure to review the learning program offered by the school. Does the program cover material that meets international standards? Is the program accredited? This will help ensure that your child will receive quality learning.

  1. Facilities and Educational Resources

Make sure to look at and consider the facilities and educational resources available at the school. Does the school have laboratories, a library, comfortable classrooms, and adequate sports facilities? Good educational facilities will help provide a better learning experience for your child.

  1. Teaching Staff Competence

Another tip for choosing an international school in West Jakarta is to ensure the competence of the school’s teachers. Do the teachers have education and experience relevant to their teaching field? Can the teachers present the material well and help students achieve their best potential? The role of a teacher will help provide a better learning experience for your child.

  1. School Reputation and Achievements

Another factor to consider when choosing an international school is the reputation and achievements of the school. Look for information as much as possible, whether the school has achieved good performance in both academic and non-academic fields.

You can also do online research and ask people close to you about the reputation of the school you are considering.

  1. Strategic School Location

The school’s location is also an important factor to consider. Choose a school with a strategic location that is easily accessible by your child and not too far from home. This will greatly help save time and transportation costs.

By following the above tips for choosing an international school in West Jakarta, you will find it easier to find the right educational institution for your child. Don’t forget to ask for recommendations and advice from those closest to you before deciding to enroll your child in the school!

There are 3 levels of education at Ichthus School

Primary Program

Primary Program

The Primary Program is a 6-year education program for children aged 6-11, consisting of grades 1-6. The curriculum used by this international school in West Jakarta follows international standards, where students are prepared for the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint and National Examinations for grade 6.

Interestingly, the learning system is not monotonous, as it combines classroom learning with textbooks, field trips, and encourages children to participate in school events through presentations, quizzes, talent shows, and games.

Secondary Program

Secondary Program

The Secondary Program starts from grades 7-10 with a comprehensive curriculum for the high school level. Priority is not only given to academic excellence at this stage but also to the development of social, life, and spiritual skills.

With professional and certified educators, students are nurtured to become independent learners. Classroom learning is combined with group discussions and teamwork. In fact, most of the learning is project-based and led directly by students.

With such a system, students are not only educated to excel academically but also to hone their presentation and public speaking skills. Additionally, students actively participate in international competitions that will be an asset in their further education.

Pre-University Program

Pre-University Program

The next program in this international school in West Jakarta is the Pre-University Program for grades 11-12. At this stage, the applied curriculum is extensive and aligns with the needs of students in the present era. Moreover, the choices of subjects are more diverse in the fields of technology, humanities, business, and sciences.

At this stage, students are prepared for the Cambridge Advanced Level Examinations. This program is especially attractive to students who want to continue their studies at the best universities worldwide.

Our school environment strongly supports the cultivation of strong characters based on Christian values. Our dedicated and experienced teachers are committed to setting an example in Christian life and encouraging our students to discover the presence of God in their lives.

Students in this school are guided by high-quality, experienced, and highly committed teachers in helping each student reach their best potential. In an atmosphere full of love and camaraderie, students are taught to develop strong and independent personalities and to become responsible, integrous citizens capable of making a positive impact on society.

As a Christian school, the school also pays attention to the spiritual development of its students by providing various religious activities such as joint worship, retreats, and religious classes. This helps students deepen their understanding of Christian values and instills a strong belief in God.

We also offer a variety of facilities and extracurricular programs that help our students develop their interests and talents in both academic and non-academic fields, such as sports, music, arts, and more.

Ichthus School, an international school located in West Jakarta

Sekolah Internasional di Jakarta Barat

Is the best choice for preparing the educational future of your children. With quality teaching staff and modern facilities, Ichthus School provides an innovative and supportive learning environment for students from various cultural backgrounds.

We believe that Ichthus School provides a loving and supportive learning environment, preparing students to face the challenges of the global world. Join us at Ichthus School, and let’s together pursue a successful future for your children.


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