Sekolah Internasional Rekomendasi di Jakarta

Ichthus School: A Recommended International School in Jakarta

International schools in Jakarta are popular among parents who want to provide quality education for their children. Quality education is important for students, serving as a foundation to help them achieve the key to success as they attain knowledge, build their skills & competencies, and broaden their horizons in school. In addition to providing high-quality education, international schools also offer a variety of programs, modern facilities, and a conducive learning environment to support their students.

However, with so many international schools available in Jakarta, it can be confusing for parents to choose a school. Therefore, for those of you who are confused about choosing the best international school in Jakarta, this article can be your reference to choose the right school for your children’s education.

Before we delve deeper into our best school recommendation, it is necessary to understand why parents choose international schools for their children.

Recommended International School in Jakarta

These are some of the most common reasons why parents choose international schools:

1. International Accreditation

The best international schools in Jakarta must have international accreditation. International accreditation shows that the school has met international standards and credibility. Some well-known international accreditation bodies include the Council of International Schools (CIS), the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

2. International Curriculum

A good international school usually offers a globally recognized international curriculum. International curricula such as the International Baccalaureate (IB) or Cambridge International Examination (CIE) can help students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become future leaders in an ever-evolving global environment.

3. Facilities and Resources

Adequate facilities and resources are a must-have for international schools, as they are useful to support effective teaching and learning. Some of the facilities that international schools need to have include libraries, science laboratories, music & art rooms, sports fields, technology facilities, and more. In addition, international schools also need to be supported by qualified and experienced teachers and professional development programs to support quality teaching.

4. Extracurricular Activities

International schools generally offer a wide range of extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities such as sports, arts, music, debating, etc. help students develop social skills, leadership, and self-confidence.

Recommended International Schools in Jakarta

international schools in jakarta

Having discussed why parents choose international schools for their children, here are recommendations for the best international schools in Jakarta:

1. Ichthus School

Ichthus School Jakarta is a Christian International School located in Jakarta. Ichthus School has two campuses: Ichthus School South in Pondok Indah, South Jakarta, and Ichthus School West in Kedoya, West Jakarta.

Founded in 2001, Ichthus School is one of the best international schools in Jakarta. As an international school, Ichthus aims to provide quality education and prepare students with high moral and spiritual values as a foundation for greater things in their lives.

Additionally, Ichthus School has received international accreditation from WASC and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). With these accreditations in place, Ichthus proves its commitment to a high-quality and comprehensive education for their students.

Ichthus Education Program

Ichthus Education Program

Education is an important part of one’s life. For this reason, choosing the right school is crucial to ensure a child’s future. Ichthus education program is here to help children discover and develop their God-given talents through strong academics grounded in the scriptures.

Ichthus offers a comprehensive education program that aims to help children discover and develop their God-given talents through a strong academic foundation based on biblical principles. Ichthus offers educational Primary and Secondary programs.

– Primary program is a 6-year education program for children aged 6-11 Years old.

The Primary program curriculum follows international standards for Cambridge Primary Checkpoint exam preparation. The classes are fun, interactive, and intellectually stimulating, with a safe and homey environment. Character building is based on biblical values and is the main focus of every lesson and activity. Children are encouraged to seek their own answers with a balance of learning through text and projects. The program also offers experiential learning through field trips and school events.

– Secondary program covers grades 7-10

The secondary program emphasizes holistic growth, including academic excellence, spiritual & social development, and personal responsibility. The curriculum follows international standards and prepares students to sit the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint and Advanced Level Examinations.

Learning Environment

Ichthus also offers a fun, engaging, and intellectually stimulating learning environment and is supported by qualified and passionate teachers who work hard to create a conducive learning environment for the students.

Furthermore, Ichthus believes in learning outside the classroom, encouraging field trips and various school events that provide opportunities for character development, research, teamwork, organization, and presentation skills. The school prides itself on consistently delivering outstanding academic results that exceed global averages, and its alumni have been successfully accepted into top universities around the world.

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