Student–led presentations highlighting the Be-attitude of the week.  Chapel is held once a week and is attended by the entire student body.



  • Praise and worship

  • Opening prayer

  • Reading of the Bible verse

  • Creative presentation

    • (Skit, Song, Dance, Poem, etc)

  •   Synthesis

  •   Closing prayer

Student Chapel 

Teacher-led presentation of the Be-Attitude for the Upper and Lower Primary students held twice a week



  •   Praise and worship

  •   Opening prayer

  •   Presentation of the Be-Attitude

  •   Creative discussion                                  (Video, Song, Group  Work, Brainstorming    Activity)

  •   Synthesis

  •   Closing prayer

Student Assembly 

Student Reflection Time

Reflection Time is a period for students to meditate on a Bible Verse, look into what they have done or contemplate God’s role in it all. In a moment of silence, they ponder upon God’s word and see how they could relate to it. Creative expression using the Ichthus Manna is also encouraged.

An annual Spiritual Retreat for the Secondary schools allows students to experience quiet time alone; devotion/bible study; meaningful reflection (personal worship); and fellowship with others.

Student Spiritual Retreat

Building friendship bonds through team building and leadership training among student council, house team leaders and class officers.

Student Leadership Training

Students’ Service Projects

Ichthus Gives Back during Lebaran is one of a number of student service projects designed to increase awareness and give new insights on the importance and value of education, as well as immerse students in the various facets of society.

Teacher-led discussion of the Bible Verse of the Week, leading to student reflection of the Word and self-expression using SOAP: 


  •   Scripture

  •   Observation

  •   Application

  •   Prayer

* Students are taught how to spend a quiet time with the Lord, and how to creatively express themselves through journal writing.

Student Ichthus Manna and Homeroom Devotions