“We believe that all students grow and develop in their individual ways; that as educators it is our privilege to impart knowledge, human values and an ability to discern right from wrong in leadership, in action and in communication; that as educators, it is our duty to prepare students to live a Christian life in a global society.”


Towards this end, the school provides students with a holistic education, focused on both academic and non-academic areas and at the same time improve and strengthen well-being of teachers.

The Guidance and Counseling Office (GCO) is a service unit tasked with furthering the School’s mission through its programs and services.  Its main purpose is to serve students by facilitating their growth process toward holistic well-being.


The GCO adheres to very strict confidentiality standards.  Any information provided is strictly confidential except in life threatening situations, cases of suspected child or elder abuse, or when release is otherwise required by law.



Guidance and Counseling Office Services


Different counseling services are offered to our students including personal counseling, career guidance & interview skills, academic skills, group counseling, play counseling, bibliotherapy, testing services, placement & follow up services. 


Your first counseling appointment will be a 20-30 minute intake to assess your concerns and what services would be of help to you.

For more information, please feel free to visit your Counselor at the Guidance and Counseling Office located at the Lower Ground of the Secondary School Building.