Primary Curriculum

The Ichthus Primary Programme is a 6-year educational pathway for children aged 6-11 years old. We follow the Comprehensive Ichthus Curriculum, which is enquiry and value-based and project-enhanced as it adheres to international standards preparing students for the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint and Indonesian National Grade 6 exams.​



The Comprehensive Ichthus Curriculum is integrated and uses an enquiry-based and project-enhanced learning approach incorporating both international and Indonesian curricula.


It is based on sound educational practices, using and implementing standards which allow our students to perform optimally on external assessments that are standardised and give a measure of the school’s excellence.            


As it is value-based, students perform well and take pride in creative endeavours that reflect God’s love and Biblical values as they study subject-based themes.



The students enjoy one Homeroom Teacher and one Assistant Teacher  per class. Also, our Specialist & Subject Teachers are highly experienced in their fields of expertise.