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Getting to Know the Faculty and Staff: The People Behind Ichthus School’s Success

Ichthus School, a Christian educational institution in Jakarta, was founded in 2001 by Mrs. See Mun Suparno. With a vision distinct from other schools, Ichthus aims to transform the lives of each student, preparing them for excellence in a global society, and living to glorify God. This is not just a slogan, but a mission carried out with genuine heart and high dedication by all members of the school community.

Education at Ichthus focuses not only on academics but also on the personal and spiritual growth of students. The school believes that each student has a unique way of growing and developing.

Therefore, educators at Ichthus are committed to imparting knowledge, Biblical values, and developing students’ abilities in leadership, action, and communication. This is done in a safe and conducive environment, where children are encouraged to discover and develop their God-given talents. The teachers at Ichthus, strong in faith and enthusiasm, strive hard to accompany students on their educational journey.

The name “Ichthus” itself has profound meaning. Received from God by the school director, it originates from the Greek word for “fish”, and is an acronym for Iesous (Jesus), Christos (Christ), Theou (God), and Soter (Savior). This reflects the Christian belief foundation of the school.

The educational goals of Ichthus are clearly outlined in the planning and design of their learning programs. The school strives to achieve tangible results visible in activities and events organized. The quality of education at Ichthus is consistently evaluated and enhanced, evidenced by recognition and accreditation from various educational accreditation bodies, including WASC and ACSI. This accreditation is not just a stamp of achievement but also a means to receive training, review best practices, and collaborate with many educational institutions worldwide.

One significant aspect of Ichthus is its status as a Cambridge Examination Center. This allows not only Ichthus students but also other independent candidates to register and take exams hosted by Cambridge. This shows Ichthus’ commitment to high international educational standards.

Nationally, Ichthus has been accredited by the National Accreditation Board (BAN) of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia. This accreditation is recognition of the school’s commitment to providing a high-quality international curriculum for students in Indonesia.

Partnerships and collaborations are also an integral part of Ichthus’ identity. The school has formed a network of cooperation with partner schools sharing similar values, where they exchange knowledge and experiences. This network supports the local programs of partner schools in international initiatives. This includes student exchange programs, facilitating the process of Ichthus students transitioning to other countries if necessary.

The success of Ichthus is inseparable from the dedication and commitment of its staff and faculty. They are the main pillars supporting the school’s vision and mission. With hard work and high spirit, they contribute to creating a dynamic and inspiring learning environment. The teachers and staff at Ichthus do not just teach subjects but also guide, motivate, and inspire students to achieve their best potential.

Overall, the success of Ichthus as an educational institution is measured not only by the academic achievements of its students but also by how they prepare students to become future leaders who are ethical, responsible, and of high integrity. With a supportive community and a nurturing learning environment, Ichthus School continues to inspire and empower the younger generation to reach their full potential and make a positive difference in the world.

Furthermore, Ichthus has a dual credit program with Cairn University, USA, providing an opportunity for Ichthus high school students to transfer their credits to the university’s business program. This program demonstrates Ichthus’ commitment to higher education and opportunities for students to continue their studies abroad.

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