Koleste Canisius Mini Soccer Cup​

24  October 2015


Kolese Canisius is one of the most prestigious inter-school soccer competitions held annually in Jakarta. This year, the competition was held on Saturday, 24th of October 2015, at Kanisius Field.


In the first game, our Ichthus boys played against Universal Gading School. Some boys from Ichthus were caught in traffic, so we did not have a full team to start with. We had a lop-sided game of 5 against 7.  The odds were against us as we had only 5 players. Coach Diego encouraged the boys and taught them to use a tactical strategy. With the right tactical strategy and a never-die attitude, we GOT IT. We won our fifth match. Sweet victory, and what a victory when we were greatly outnumbered. We not only won, but won 2 – 0 against UGS. Both goals were scored by Jose; one of them was a penalty kick.


In the second game, we played against Theresia School's A Team. More boys turned up. We had a bigger team now. Confidence was on the rise. We came on hard against our opponent’s defence, and we caused them mayhem and panic. What a feeling, and we won by another penalty kick for us - this time from Kefas. We won again! The score was 1 – 0.


Team Players :

Justin Sutanto ( Goalkeeper ), Kefas Richard Rorimpandey, Edgar Joseph Marpaung ( Jose ), Steven Hardy Jayanegara, Kim Min Wook, Desmond Walker, Juji Sho Tamatsukuri, Karel Gideon Anugrah Hutajulu, Greggory Wareham, Jr.

In the third game, we played against Kemchick School's A TeamOur boys were really on fire. What a game! Another victory for the boys! The score was 2 – 1.


We went on to the FINALS against Kemchick School's B Team.  The Kemchick B players were much bigger and physically stronger, but we had Coach Diego and our boys had fire in their spirits – now beat that!  All fired up after Coach Diego’s session, the boys went all out. From then on it was full attack and we needed to simply press ahead. We used our agility and small size to our advantage. 


The boys played their hearts out; what rang in the mind was, "it’s only one more game away!" So our boys played like it was the last game they were ever going to play. We WON! We WON! Ichthus Boys were the champions with a score of 3 -1.


Like David and Goliath, the odds were against David, but with pure faith, spirit of fire and confidence, David defeated the odds and triumphed. Our boys won not because we were a bigger team, nor because we were physically bigger or stronger; our boys won because they had the spirit of fire, persistence and confidence in themselves.


Last year our Ichthus Team won the 4th place, with Juji Sho as the Most Valuable Player. This year, we are the Champions, with Kefas as the Most Valuable Player. We want to say to the team that Ichthus School is proud of you: not only what you have done for us, but we are proud that you have in you the spirit of determination and persistence. This will stand you in good stead to make you champions in the future


Congratulations to our boys again!