National Christian Choir Competition 2015, Ambon​

What a feeling! 


God has given everyone a miracle, on the 2nd – 7th of October 2015, God gave the Ichthus Choir the miracle of winning second place in the national level of Pesparawi (National Christian Choir Competition open to all Christian Schools and Churches). On the first day, the Ichthus Choir team left Jakarta early in the morning and flew to Ambon, which took about 5 hours. When we arrived in Ambon, we immediately checked into Elizabeth Hotel. At night, we took a short trip to Amaris Hotel for a preaching session with other DKI contingents from different categories.


The next day was all about practice and getting ready. After lunch, the we went to the actual stage for a short practice session. On the morning of the competition day, all the female members put on 'make up' and had their hair styled into a bun. After the preparation, we took a bus from the hotel to the competition site. We arrived early enough to watch the other contestants perform. When it was our turn to perform, we said our prayers and with our fingers crossed entered the stage confident but excited to sing our hearts out. After our performance, we headed back to the hotel to freshen up and to take a quick rest. At around 7 p.m., we visited the "Gong Perdamaian" (The Gong of Peace) and in true Indonesian style, all of us, students, teachers and parents were busy buying all sorts of things at the Expo held just across the street. Afterwards, we had our fill of delicious seafood while listening to some motivational speeches from selected speakers. We headed back to our hotel and we called it a day.


On On the fourth day, we went to the beach and recorded our singing. After a quick stop at a restaurant we headed back to the hotel to prepare ourselves and to get ready to attend the closing ceremony, where Joko Widodo, the President of Indonesia, will be attending. The Ichthus Choir members saw Joko Widodo in person after waiting for six hours. We went home that night, happy that we got the chance to compete in Ambon.


The last day we took it easy. We went to the airport with happy memories and thinking to ourselves if not for this competition, we would not have visited Ambon. We are thankful to God for this miracle, despite getting second place, what we will never forget is the lasting memories and precious friendships we made on this purposeful trip.

Author : Ichthus Student

Date : 4 November 2015