Masquerade Gala at Ichthus School West Campus

Final Project of the Student Council

Throughout the school year, our Student Council at Ichthus School West Campus have been hosting various types of creative events to colour the student body’s school life. From cleanliness competitions to encourage a fun way of raising healthy habits in the classroom, to designing the Ichthus School jacket to enhance the warm and tight-knit student community at school, and many more! On the 31st of May 2024, our Student Council prepared an amazing final project to close the school year—a Masquerade Gala.

Together, our Student Council brainstormed every week to plan the best Masquerade Gala down to every detail, such as the catering menu, the theme, the decorations, the music, the event flow, and the budget for everything! It was a long journey of planning and meetings, even presenting to the school leaders! However, all their work came to a wonderful fruition as the Masquerade Gala for the Grade 6-12 students was a hit!

Let’s revisit the festivities through the gallery below!

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