Pengalaman Belajar Multi Bahasa, Bahasa dan Budaya di Ichthus

Learning Multiple Languages: Language and Culture at Ichthus

In the era of globalization, the ability to communicate in multiple languages is an essential skill that can open doors to international opportunities, broaden cultural understanding, and develop empathy as well as social intelligence. Ichthus School in Jakarta recognizes the importance of multilingual and multicultural education as an integral part of holistic student development. This article explores how Ichthus implements a unique multilingual education approach, its impact on students, and how it prepares them to become competent global citizens.

Multilingual Education at Ichthus

Pendidikan Multibahasa di Ichthus

Ichthus School distinguishes itself with a curriculum designed to support multilingual learning. The program focuses not only on mastering English as an international language but also values and develops students’ abilities in Bahasa Indonesia as the national language, as well as an additional language like Mandarin. This approach reflects Ichthus’ commitment to developing global competencies in students while remaining rooted in national identity and valuing cultural diversity.

Cultural Integration in Learning

Education at Ichthus is not just about language; it’s also about how those languages intertwine with culture. By integrating cultural lessons into the curriculum, Ichthus ensures that students are not only able to communicate in various languages but also understand the social and cultural contexts behind them. This includes an understanding of customs, arts, history, and values that shape societies. This holistic approach helps students develop a deeper respect and appreciation for global diversity.

Benefits of Multilingual Education

Manfaat Pendidikan Multibahasa

The benefits of multilingual and multicultural education extend far beyond language mastery itself. Students at Ichthus benefit from:

  • Improved Communication Skills: Mastery of multiple languages enhances students’ communication abilities, allowing for effective interaction with diverse cultural groups.
  • Higher Cultural Awareness: Being exposed to various cultures helps students develop empathy and social intelligence, preparing them for operation in an increasingly interconnected global environment.
  • Critical and Creative Thinking: Learning new languages and cultures challenges students to think from different perspectives, encouraging critical and creative thinking.
  • Global Career Readiness: Multilingual abilities open up international career opportunities, giving Ichthus graduates a competitive edge in the global job market.

Ichthus’ Approach to Multilingual Education

Ichthus employs innovative learning strategies to support multilingual education. This includes student-centered learning methods, where students are activated as active participants in their learning process. The use of educational technology also enriches the language learning experience, allowing students to access diverse and rich learning materials and interact with native speakers.

Furthermore, Ichthus promotes extracurricular activities and cultural exchanges that reinforce language and cultural learning outside the classroom. This includes language clubs, cultural festivals, and student exchange programs that provide students with opportunities to practice languages in real social and cultural contexts.

Specially Designed Curriculum

Ichthus School develops its curriculum with the importance of language and cultural integration in mind. The curriculum is designed to be responsive and flexible, allowing students to pursue their individual language learning interests and needs. For example, the English language curriculum not only focuses on language mastery but also on English and American literature, providing students with insights into the cultures and histories that shape the language.

Meanwhile, teaching Bahasa Indonesia at Ichthus emphasizes the importance of maintaining and valuing local cultural heritage. Through lessons in Indonesian literature, history, and culture, students are invited to know and appreciate their country and culture more.

Teaching Mandarin at Ichthus is also conducted in an enriching way, connecting students with one of the world’s most ancient and influential cultures. The program not only teaches the language but also aspects of culture such as calligraphy, traditional festivals, and art.

Supportive Learning Environment

Ichthus creates a supportive and inclusive learning environment, where every student feels valued and motivated to learn. Classes are designed to promote interaction and discussion, encouraging students to use the target language in real situations. This helps build student confidence and communication skills.

Teachers at Ichthus are selected not only for their academic expertise but also for their ability to be positive cultural and language models. With teachers from various parts of the world, students benefit from direct exposure to different accents, dialects, and language uses.

Extracurricular Activities and Cultural Exchange

Ichthus School enriches the multilingual and multicultural learning experience through various extracurricular activities and cultural exchange programs. These activities are designed to reinforce classroom learning while giving students opportunities to practice and deepen their language and cultural knowledge.

Cultural festivals, language clubs, and field trips to various cultural sites in and around Jakarta are examples of activities that help Ichthus students experience cultures firsthand. Student exchange programs, both domestic and international, offer unique opportunities for students to immerse themselves in new environments, enhancing cross-cultural understanding and language skills.

Ichthus School has successfully created an educational environment that focuses not only on multilingual mastery but also on understanding and appreciating multiculturalism. With a holistic approach to education that combines language with cultural experiences, Ichthus prepares its students to be empathetic, knowledgeable future global leaders who can communicate across different cultural environments.

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