Getting Ready for on Campus Classes

Ichthus Covid Safety Planning committee have been hard at work to make sure safety protocols are in place as the school progressively prepares for full face to face study.  We adhere to the strict following of Covid Protocols to ensure that your children will have a safe environment when they come back to school fully.

Some of the highlights include:

Staff Health & Safety

  • All teacher and staff are fully vaccinated with with at least 2 doses of Vaccines before reporting back to campus.

  • Teachers commute to school using school transportation and not public transportation.

  • As an added layer of protection, antigen tests on all staff are conducted every 2 weeks.

  • A majority of students are vaccinated including students from primary schools.

On campus protocols: Crowd control and social distancing

  • No unscheduled visits from parents and external visitors.

  • Maids and drivers are not allowed to congregate or wait in the campus.

  • Intermingling of students clusters are discouraged at the moment for better contact tracing.

  • A majority of students are vaccinated including students from primary schools.

Hygiene and Cleaning

  • There will be periodic schedule for washing of hands and foot sanitization bath for students and teachers.

  • Proper clinical face masks are to be worn at all times.

  • Common facilities like music keyboard will be cleaned per use.

  • Cleaning of facilities and classroom will be done daily and weekly deep cleaning.

Sick Bays & Isolation

  • If a child happens do develop symptoms in the midst of lesson, they will be immediately isolated at the sick bay awaiting pick up from parent.

Classroom Set-up

  • Windows will be opened in all classes to allow proper circulation.

  • Desks will be set at the distance prescribed by the ministry at 1 meter each.