Director's Welcome

Thank you for your interest in Ichthus Schools, Jakarta. We are in an age where change is upon us faster than ever. The world of the internet and mobile devices have blurred geographical boundaries; bridged seamless information exchange and communication across countries and cultures; and facilitated the blending of different social cultures and customs. The new generation embraces a whole new world that is always changing and exciting, yet uncertain and dangerous as well. 


That is why, at Ichthus, we are unambiguous in our mission: we provide a value- driven education based on a solid Christian foundation. We take a five-prong approach: we provide our students with a well- balanced academic curriculum, co-curriculum activities, outdoor education, personal and social education and value-based learning built on a foundation of sound biblical teachings.

I am very proud of the Ichthus family! We have a warm, close-knit community of teachers parents and students, which continues beyond Grade 12 through alumni and societies. In international examinations last year, our students performed well above the average, with more than 60% scoring above the international norm for most subjects including English, Mathematics and Science. This is not achieved by a narrow focus on academics; instead, our students go on expeditions and service trips in the region and beyond. They excel in the arts and music, with the Ichthus choir winning in all categories and clinching the top spot in the nationwide choir competition recently held in Indonesia. We offer a holistic, experiential education that opens doors to lifelong learning. 


I am also very proud to share that our school is one of the very few in Indonesia to be fully accredited by the international accreditation bodies like ACSI and WASC. This is a testimony of the hard work and the quality of our education, which we have developed as we grow from strength to strength.  


A website cannot easily give you a sense of a school. We hope the information on these pages about our students, teachers, parents and the learning that takes place at Ichthus, makes you want to pay us a visit. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our campuses soon.



See Mun Suparno 
Director, Ichthus Schools, Jakarta, Indonesia