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An opportunity for your talented children to showcase their “Creative Sparks”
Ichthus Schools invites all preschool children to participate in the Creative Sparks Art Competition.


Showcase your children’s talents and let their creative sparks fly!


This is a virtual competition to be completed at home, submitted, and judged online culminating in a final award ceremony


3 Categories:

1. Nursery Class – Coloring Competition

2. K1 – Drawing/Painting/Coloring

3. K2 – Drawing/Painting/Coloring


Competition Start Date On 9th November 2020 (Monday)


Brief Guidelines


• All participants are to prepare their own drawing/coloring/painting materials

• Coloring competition for Nursery classes will be on A4 paper size

• Drawing competition for K1 & K2 will be on A3 standard drawing block paper size

Dos & Don’ts


• Video recording - Record a 4-minute (max time) video of your child in the process of painting/coloring/drawing including a 1-minute sharing from child why he/she chose to draw the picture (for K1/K2)

• Photo - Scan/Take a good quality photo of the completed and unobstructed drawing/painting

• Submissions: Email the video and the photo to marketing@ichthusschool.com

• Submit on time: All submissions to be submitted by 13th November 2020 (Friday) 5pm.



• Do not color/paint/draw on behalf of your child. You can guide and coach your child on the sidelines. Let them enjoy this experience and take pride in the finished drawing as a product of their own effort regardless of how the outcomes look like. This is the essence of educating excellence.



• All drawing/painting submitted by the deadline will be uploaded on Ichthus school Instagram account by 17th November 2020 (Tuesday).

https://www.instagram.com/ichthuswest & https://www.instagram.com/ichthussouth


Judging Criteria


1. Popularity

40% of total points goes to public acceptance. The picture with the most combined likes will be awarded points. The higher the number of likes the higher the points.


2. Specialist Evaluation

- 60% of total points will be judged by Ichthus panel of specialist judges.

- Panel of judges will judge on

• Creative expression & interpretation of the theme keeping to the relevance of the theme.

• Mastery of the art medium (there will no preference over any medium over another)

• Overall aesthetics and appeal to the judges



Children in nursery classes (max age 4+<5 years) can choose from any of the templates provided to colour. 


Please download the colouring templates and print to A4 size

You can colour as many templates as you wish but choose the best one for submission.


Please keep your original drawing as we may need to view the drawing if your drawing is shortlisted.  

Kindergarten 1 & 2

Children in Kindergarten 1 (max age 5+, < 6 years) and Kindergarten 2 (Max age 6+<7 years) can choose one of the themes to produce a drawing or painting using any art medium of choice.


No computer aided graphics nor computer printing of the final drawing/painting is allowed. Parents can guide or coach the child along as we encourage parents to be involved in the development of your child, but parents cannot draw, paint nor colour on behalf of your child. 


Please keep your original drawing as we may need to view it should your child’s drawing be shortlisted.  


Please choose one of the themes listed below. You are free to interpret the topic given for your child to express his/her creativity. The finished product can be on a canvass or drawing paper of A3 size. 


Draw or color (using any medium) artwork depicting your idea of either any ONE of these themes


  1. Love and Care  

  2. Dreams and Hopes

  3. Best Friends Forever

 Cut off age is calculated as at 9th November 2020 

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 Awards Ceremony

Winners will be announced on the award giving ceremony, 27th November at 2pm, Friday


Awards, attractive gifts and trophies will be given to the 1st three winners & 3 consolation prizes in each category