"Debunking Myths on ADHD and Autism"

Friday, 8th November 2019 at Auditorium of Ichthus School - South Campus.

Ichthus School hosted a parenting talk "Debunking Myths on ADHD and Autism" last Friday, 8th November 2019 at Auditorium of Ichthus School - South Campus.Many teachers and parents from other schools attended the session and we had an active Q&A session with many parents asking for suggestions and intervention strategies for their own children. One of the interesting fact that Dr Pam shared was the impact of prolonged exposure to mobile devices and computer games. She mentioned that prolonged exposure to one activity on the computer or mobile device, the human brain will start to shut down as it starts unlearn certain skills like reading human emotions and even simple motoring skills. In Ichthus Schools, we believe that every child is different and it's our responsibility to bring out the best in every child that come to study with us.We thank Dr Pamela Neo - Lim from Singapore; who has 20 years experience working with youth and children, for her thoughtful sharing about ADHD and autism.

Date :  02 Jan 2020

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