Supporting Children with Special Learning Needs :

A Vocational Talk by Dr Doris Ang (Phd, MSc in Social Science, BA Pscyology) from Singapore

14 January 2016



In the spirit of celebrating differences and allowing every child to flourish in his or her own way, Ichthus Schools sponsored a vocational talk and invited Dr. Doris  Ang on the 14th of January to share and enlighten teachers, parents and educators on how to support children with special learning needs. In a society which places pressure on students to perform well academically, children who learn differently face many challenges if there is a lack of understanding and no proper support from the school and home.  


Dr Doris is a qualified Irlen diagnostician and runs a successful Irlen Clinic in Singapore. She is a well-qualified professional experienced in helping children with learning difficulties, especially children with visual processing disorder. A dyslexic herself, Dr. Doris understands the struggle first hand as she struggled with poor academic results and was labelled 'not so bright' when she was a child. 

Left: Mrs. Suparno and Dr. Doris Ang, Right: Dr. Doris Ang speaking to the audience.

Teachers and parents from different schools and institutions attended the seminar. The audience was briefed on some common learning disabilities viewed videos detailing the struggles of these children and the options available to them.  The seminar stirred emotional reactions from parents and nods of empathy from teachers when they reflected upon the similar struggles of their own children and students. 


Mrs Suparno, director of Ichthus Schools, with her passion for children, attended the whole seminar to lend her support and showed a keen interest on the subject matter. At the end, she shared her thoughts and experiences to the audience.


At Ichthus Schools, our mission is 'We believe that all students grow and develop in their individual ways and that as educators it is our privilege to impart knowledge, biblical values and ability to discern right from wrong in leadership, in action and in communication. In addition, as educators, it is our duty to prepare students to live a Christian life in a global society."

God loves every single child he created and children with special learning needs are no exception. With the right support and environment, they will not only succeed in life but can even change the world. After all, Leonardo da Vincci, Michael Faraday, Thomas Edison, George Washington, Albert Einstein, and many more were dyslexics. 


Ichthus Schools presented Dr Doris and her team with a hamper of Indonesian 'oleh-oleh' (souvenirs) as a parting gift.